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Experience the thrill of cycling through the picturesque landscapes of San Luis Obispo County, where endless trails and scenic routes await enthusiasts of all levels. This region is a cyclist’s dream, offering a diverse array of terrains from coastal paths to rolling hills and challenging mountain trails. Whether you're cruising along the scenic Pacific Coast Highway, exploring the vineyards of Paso Robles, or tackling the rugged terrain of the Santa Lucia Mountains, SLO County has something for every cyclist. The area’s temperate climate, stunning views, and vibrant cycling community make it the perfect destination for those who love to ride. Embrace the cycling lifestyle and discover the joy of exploring San Luis Obispo County on two wheels.

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The Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) offers one of the most breathtaking cycling experiences in San Luis Obispo County. This iconic route provides cyclists with stunning ocean views, gentle sea breezes, and the opportunity to explore charming coastal towns along the way. Suitable for both casual riders and seasoned cyclists, the PCH features well-maintained roads and plenty of scenic stops, making it an ideal choice for a memorable ride.

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